Join the 'Drawing Club'!

  • A new instructional video every month!

  • Behind-the-scenes looks at projects before they are spoken about publicly

  • Supply reviews

  • Monthly Q&A

  • 25% off original artworks

  • And more!!!

Instructional Videos:

Trailer for 'Rendering Delicate Hands'

Purchase and stream through NOh/Wave Academy

Online Classes and Critiques

I am offering private online classes and critiques to artists of all experience levels!

I will transparently share my process, tools, and techniques with you in a customizable class.


  • 2 hour personalized live demonstration with discussion. 

After the demo, I will email you images of each step along with explanations of the techniques I am utilizing

  • Your "homework" will be to complete a drawing using this method and either the reference I use or your own. 

  • option for an additional 30+ min critique and discussion following the completion of your piece.

  • Weekly/Biweekly sessions are available, but limited.

- $200 for private demo

- $50 per 30 min critique

(maximum 2 hours)

- $100/hr additional private online lesson