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Kate Zambrano is a self-taught artist living in California. She was born in Texas, but decided to leave at age seventeen to begin a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Kate enrolled in college to study psychology, but realized that she was more into the subject than pursuing an actual career in the field. 

In 2011, Kate was introduced to the world of fine art.  She spent the subsequent two years teaching herself how to draw.  The journey to garner techniques through trial and error seemed daunting, but every now and then a small epiphany would occur to push her forward.  Each step was a building block for the next.  And so it has gone ever since.  Kate is constantly learning and trying to better both herself and her work.

Kate enjoys applying her major influences together in her art - the systemic urge to understand human behavior and the beauty in expressive nuances. 


Short Film

by Neil Abramson

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