Kate Zambrano Fine Art
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Kate Zambrano is a fine artist based in California specializing in realistic portrait art and figurative art. Her work is a continual attempt to combine what she finds infinitely beautiful, vulnerability and strength together.

After leaving Texas at age seventeen, Kate studied psychology briefly in college before discovering that she was, in fact, more fascinated with the subject than the actual career. She moved to New York where she began to work frequently as a model to explore a new path of imagination.

her work is a personal study of human psychology and complexity. She creates melancholic body languages and expressions, capturing the truth that we communicate with our subtleties.

Kate applies her major influences together in her work — a systemic urge to understand human behavior and the beauty in expressive nuances. mixing light with darkness reveals a surprising message of uplift: no one is alone in sadness or struggle. Those states of existence are universal. being in tune with it, she strives to create a sense of acceptance of one’s own struggle and empathy for it in others.




Kate offers charcoal drawing workshops to students of all experience levels. These workshops teach artists the techniques and tools needed to let go of self-imposed pressure and express themselves freely. Drawing is one of the most important aspect of realism. The more this technique is practiced, the better the artist’s foundation will be. Kate teaches a process and mindset to reliably use this skill every time you sit down to draw.

Somewhat against the grain, Kate doesn’t incorporate any “rules” into the workshops. Students are encouraged to discuss thoughts, feelings, and different approaches openly. Kate feels that it is much more enriching artistic journey with a community of artists around you - somewhere that you are able to gain priceless inspiration and improve your art in a welcoming environment.