(Photo by Matthew Takes - www.matthewtakes.com)



Writing in the third person bothers me, so:


I am an artist living in California.  I was born in Texas, but left when I was seventeen to be a nomad.

At eighteen, I enrolled in college to study psychology.  After two years, I realized that I was more in love with the subject than pursuing an actual career in the field.  I moved to New York City and started modeling to make extra money.

In 2011, I was introduced to the world of fine art.  I retired from the fashion industry and spent the subsequent two years teaching myself how to draw.  It was a seemingly long and arduous journey to garner techniques through trial and error, but every now and then a small epiphany would occur.  Each step was a building block for the next.  And so it has gone ever since.  I am constantly learning and trying to better both myself and my work.

I enjoy applying my major influences together in my art - the systemic urge to understand human behavior and the beauty in expressive nuances. 

These pieces are not just my work, they are my life.