(Photo by Matthew Takes - www.matthewtakes.com)



 Kate Zambrano is a contemporary artist living in California.  She was born in Texas, but left at age seventeen to live a nomadic lifestyle. 

At eighteen, she enrolled in college to study psychology.  Two years later, she left, realizing she was more in love with the subject than of having a career in the field.  She moved to New York City and started modeling.
Kate shifted into fine art in 2011 after leaving the fashion industry  She spent two years teaching herself how to draw by garnering techniques through trial and error.  She applies the elements that she loved from her former career into her artwork; she employs many of the friends she made in modeling to pose for her pieces.  Kate marries together the three major interests of her life - psychology, the world of fashion, and fine art.

Her work is a continual exploration of the human psyche.